Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the ongoing campaign against the press and whistleblowing

More on how the de facto Bush Administration is doing its damnedest to suppress news reporting -- they say that journalists can be prosecuted for receiving and publishing classified information.

Great quote from the Post story:
"Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, who first disclosed the government filing on his Web site,, said yesterday, "The idea that the government can penalize the receipt of proscribed information, and not just its unauthorized disclosure, is one that characterizes authoritarian societies, not mature democracies."
As Slate columnist Fred Kaplan points out in his article about the prosecution of the AIPAC lobbyists, a standard that just receiving classified information exposes us ALL theoretically to prosecution -- or at least, those of us who read the news.

Really of course the target is journalists and the media, and whistleblowers within the government. Just don't publish or release anything the Bush regime doesn't want published or released and you'll be just fine. Shades of 1984.