Monday, February 20, 2006

happy presidents' day

So today is Presidents' Day -- or is it?

To honor the day (whatever day it is), here are a few random lists about the Presidents of the United States of America.

Presidents who have been impeached, but were not removed from office:
Andrew Johnson
Bill Clinton

Presidents who would have been impeached and removed from office if they hadn't quit:
Richard Nixon

Presidents who should be impeached and removed from office, along with their VP:
George W. Bush

Presidents whose son or grandsons later assumed the presidency:
John Adams (son John Quincy Adams, 24 years later)
William Henry Harrison (grandson Benjamin Harrison, 48 years later)
George H. W. Bush (son George W. Bush, 8 years later)

Most rockingest Presidents:
Bill Clinton
The Dead Kennedys
The Presidents of the United States of America

A few Presidents who caused or were involved in constitutional crises:
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
Abraham Lincoln
Woodrow Wilson
Richard Nixon
George W. Bush

Wartime Presidents:
James Monroe (War of 1812)
James Polk (Mexican War)
Abraham Lincoln (Civil War)
William McKinley (Spanish-American War)
Woodrow Wilson (World War I)
Franklin Roosevelt (World War II)
Harry Truman (World War II, Korean War)
Lyndon Johnson/Richard Nixon (Vietnam War)

Presidents who falsely lay claim to the title, "Wartime President":
George W. Bush

Presidents with particularly bad luck, who didn't die in office:
John Adams
Jimmy Carter

Only Presidents not to win an election:
Gerald Ford
George W. Bush

Presidents most likely to clear brush:
Andrew Jackson
Teddy Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush

Presidents most people have never heard of:
Martin Van Buren
William Harrison
Zachary Taylor
Millard Fillmore
Franklin Pierce
James A. Garfield
Benjamin Harrison
Warren Harding

Five great Presidents:
George Washington
James Monroe
Abraham Lincoln
Franklin Roosevelt
Harry Truman

Presidents who have done the most damage to the United States:
Jefferson Davis (Confederate President)
Richard Nixon
George W. Bush