Monday, January 16, 2006

gore unhappy about spying

Winner of the 2000 election Al Gore today slammed the de facto Administration for its unwarranted domestic spying. He said Bush broke the law repeatedly, and that these actions are “a threat to the very structure of our government.”

So was the Supreme Court's unwarranted intrusion into Florida's electoral process in 2000. Sigh.

The GOP responded in it's usual, thoughtful, nuanced way to a policy critique from an opponent, thru one of its interchangeable mouthpieces: "Al Gore’s incessant need to insert himself in the headline of the day is almost as glaring as his lack of understanding of the threats facing America. While the president works to protect Americans from terrorists, Democrats deliver no solutions of their own, only diatribes laden with inaccuracies and anger.”

When accused of crimes, respond by accusing your critics of grandstanding and ignorance. It's much, much easier than defending the facts. Al Gore should be careful, I'm sure the GOP would be glad to give him a tour of Gitmo. Nothing stopping them from calling Gore an enemy combatant, right? And torture, which the Administration doesn't engage in, is legal anyway, the right reserved to the Administration in Bush's signing statement regardless of McCain's law, and unitary executive absolute monarchist Alito will be sure to back up the de facto Administration of the case gets to the courts.