Friday, January 13, 2006

so, who'd we kill?

Pardon me if I contain my enthusiasm about reports that we might have -- MIGHT HAVE -- killed Al Qaida #2 al-Zawahri in northern Pakistan with an airstrike.

First, seems to me we've heard this one before. And we've killed or captured about a bazillion #3's too. I guess Al Qaida is an organizational pancake -- Bin Laden at top, then al-Zawahri, then everybody else tied for #3. I'd say that's a rather socialistic organization, but Muslim fundamentalists wouldn't like being compared to socialists.

In any case, even if the Air Force got their man, does it help us? I mean, al-Zawahri would become a martyr, somebody else for the ideologues to extoll in recruiting young men (and the occasional young woman) to the cause of blowing themselves up to blow up some Americans or Britons or Spaniards or Australians, in part at least for the fact that Americans blew up al-Zawarhi.

Even more so, because we also blew up a bunch of other people in the village in northern Pakistan, including women and children.

I don't mind killing terrorists, really. Our Air Force guys nailed some baddies in a car on a highway in Yemen a few years back. THAT one was without killing others; no women and children. Bombing a compound like this... I dunno. I just dunno.