Sunday, January 08, 2006

leery about friends

I know that antisemitism has had a long history, and if you're Jewish, it mus be nice to know that antisemitism in North America is less (at least, less overt) than it used to be. But I can't blame Jews for worrying sometimes about their friends in the Christian evangelical world... given that it is those same sorts of people who are leading the effort to Christianize the United States, to make our governmental institutions explicitly Christian. In other words, coming close to establishment of a state-sanctioned religion, in which by definition all other religions are inferior, even if tolerated.

What's even scarier is the idea that some Christians (like Pat Robertson) are pro-Israel (if not quite pro-Jewish) because they see the Jewish state as being the first step on the road to the Apocolypse and then eternal salvation for those of us who have guessed right from the thousands of religions available to us...