Monday, January 09, 2006

dead cats, dead birds, dead people, and not-dead-yet people

It's So Easy to Keep Your Cat Alive
It must be very sad to have your cat killed by a dog. But I offer a foolproof plan to keep your cat from suffering the fate this one did. It's quite simple.


There are several reasons. First, it is better for your beloved Tabby. Cats that live indoors full-time aren't exposed to disease from other cats and other animals, don't get hit by cars, don't get tortured by cruel kids, don't breed (I assume somebody stupid enough to let their pet cats roam free is probably stupid enough not to have them spayed/neutered) and don't get killed by dogs or other dangerous animals. Then you wouldn't have to waste your time on some expensive vendetta against the dog that probably killed your cat...

Second, it's better for the birds. House cats (tame and feral) are wreaking havoc on songbird populations in the US, and kill lots of other critters.

And finally, cats that are kept indoors won't crap in my backyard.

Leave That Bird Alone
Five simple words: Don't Play With Dead Birds. In Turkey or anywhere else. It is disturbing to see the incidence of avian influenza in other places in Turkey -- not just the village where the three children died, but also Ankara in central Turkey, and Van, a large city in eastern Turkey. Looks like all these cases involve people around sick birds, but every human who gets the bug increases the opportunities for the H5N1 virus to acquire the ability to jump from person to person.

He's Not Dead Yet
I have to keep telling myself, it is not nice to wish for somebody to die. It is not nice, it is not nice...