Saturday, December 03, 2005

lies about texas redistricting, environment

Attorney General and prominent pro-torture advocate Alberto "Organ Failure" Gonzales defended the de facto Administration's decision to okay Tom DeLay's Texas redistricting plan despite a unanimous decision by Justice lawyers and analysts that it violated the Voting Rights Act. Gonzales said, "The fact that there may be disagreement within the ranks does not necessarily make it a wrong decision." Of course, there was NO disagreement within the ranks -- the professionals all thought it WOULD violate the law, but the politicos over-ruled them in their quest to gain a few more seats for the GOP in the House.

This wasn't even the only example of the de facto Administration ignoring the judgment of professionals in today's Washington Post. The Congressional Research Service has found that the Environmental Protection Agency exaggerated (a polite word for "lied about") the costs and underestimated the benefits of more stringent pollution law restrictions. EPA fixed a study to make the Administration's "Clear Skies" bill look better than a version offered by Senators Carper (Democrat) and Jeffords (Independent).