Monday, November 21, 2005

cheney lies in public today

Once again, Dick "Five Deferments from Vietnam Because I Had Other Priorities But I'm Still A Hawk" Cheney's mouth is moving -- which means he's lying. But Cheney is talented -- he can lie and slander at the same time. Today was unusual -- he lied in public, instead of at his secret location. In a speech at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, Cheney accused war critics of revisionism, saying they had the same intelligence as the de facto Administration before the invasion of Iraq but now act as if they didn't.

Dick Cheney accusing others of revisionism. That's rich, given how Cheney cherry-picked intelligence, continued to lie about non-existent links between Saddam and Al Qaeda even AFTER Bush himself had publicly admitted there were no such links, ignored doubts and warnings about the Iraq intelligence from well-placed experts in the intelligence community, assured us all that our troops would be greeted as liberators, believed every self-serving word out of Chalabi's mouth, and all the rest of it in order to advance the neocon American Empire wetdream of reordering the Middle East by force, beginning with a war against Iraq.

Repeat after me: Congress did NOT have access to the same intelligence as the Administration before the invasion. Congress was provided with documents drafted by the Administration based on intelligence -- THAT was what Congress saw. It didn't see the doubts and dissents from various agencies, and it didn't see the raw intelligence. Simply put, it did not have access to the same information as the Administration.

Criticising the prewar Administration claims about mushroom clouds and other WMD lies isn't revisionism. It's an admission of having been duped by others with greater access to information in a position of purported trust. An admission of having been played by the Office of the Vice President, his lackey the aging frat-boy ex-baseball owner, and their minions, and manipulated into supporting a war of choice that is going disastrously wrong, is making torturers out of us, allowed Bin Laden to get away, and for extra shits and giggles, is serving as the best possible recruiting tool for Muslim terrorists.

Thanks, Cheney.