Wednesday, November 23, 2005

should officers campaign for others in uniform?

An amusing article about GOP freshman Congressbeing Jean Schmidt covering her ass about her insult on the floor of the House last Friday against Democrat John Murtha (how on earth could she NOT know Murtha was a Marine officer? She couldn't, she's just lying) and her use of a quote from a Marine colonel implying Murtha was a coward "coward" comments. Buried in the article is one very disconcerting fact: the (reservist) Marine colonel (Danny Bubp) in question campaigned for Schmidt in the recent special election that sent her to Congress WEARING HIS MARINE DRESS UNIFORM; Bubp rebuked Schmidt's Democrat opponent Paul Hackett (just returned from service in IRAQ) for criticizing the Commander in Chief!

Aren't there laws against Federal employees, especially uniformed military officers, from engaging in partisan campaigns? I know Bubp is a reservist and a member of Ohio's assembly (which is legal), but using his UNIFORM in a campaign for somebody else is wrong wrong wrong. The politicization of the military is not something we should hope for. That mostly happens in banana republics.