Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2005 hurricane records...

So in the past couple of years, we've had the first hurricane in history in the south Atlantic, and the first tropical storm to ever hit Spain and Portugal. Nah, couldn’t be any connection to global warming, right?

But from the Christian Science Monitor, here are a few records from 2005:
• Dennis, then Emily, set records for the most intense
hurricane before August.
• Katrina became the most destructive storm on record
with an estimated $50 billion of insured damage,
breaking the estimated $25 billion record (in 2005
dollars) set by Andrew in 1992.
• Wilma became the third Category 5 storm of the
season - the first time three Category 5 storms have
formed in one year.
• Alpha became the 22nd named storm of the 2005
season, breaking the record of 21 named storms in
• Beta became the 13th hurricane of the 2005 season,
breaking the record of 12 hurricanes in 1969.
• Epsilon became the 26th named storm of the 2005
season, according to NOAA.
Sources: William Gray and Philip J. Klotzbach,
Colorado State University and NOAA.