Thursday, July 14, 2005

a belated apology

Today RNC Chairman Ken "Mini-Karl" Mehlman said the GOP's infamous "Southern Strategy" was wrong, and apologized for the Republican's use of racially polarizing tactics to win elections.

Pardon me for doubting their sincerity. Fact is, given the closeness of the numbers of voters identifying with Democrats and Republicans, the GOP would like to make some inroads into the African-American vote and, now enjoying the benefits of four decades of race baiting, are willing to say they're sorry in the hope they can peel off some support from the Democrats. Isn't that special?

Now I'll wait for the GOP to apologize for using intentionally inaccurate and over-broad methods to prevent tens of thousands of felons and people whose names RESEMBLED those of felons from voting in Florida in 2000 and 2004, based on the theory that felons in Florida are disproportionately black and inclined to vote for the Democrats. And then I'll wait for Jeb Bush to apologize for the road blocks and ID checks that Florida law enforcement set up on election day 2000 in predominantly black parts of Florida. I'll wait for the GOP to apologize for the signs in black neighborhoods of US cities reminding people to vote -- and giving the wrong date. I'll wait for election officials in many states, including Ohio, that provide woefully inadequate numbers of voting machines in predominantly black neighborhoods (and poor neighborhoods that aren't mostly black), while white suburban voters have ten times as many machines available to them.

But I won't hold my breath.