Thursday, July 07, 2005

london, yesterday and today

Nothing much to add to the news today about the Al Qaeda attacks on London's subways and trains today. Terrible and heartbreaking scenes. I admired Tony Blair's defiant response on TV. He was fortunate not to be holding a child's book when he got the news, I guess. This morning I was looking at newspapers with cover photos of Londoners cheering in Trafalgar Square, Union Jacks all over, celebrating having been awarded the Olympics for 2012. Tomorrow morning the same newspapers will show us a destroyed London icon, the double-decker bus that was blown up this morning.

I saw articles with the predictable reactions of world leaders, many of whom were in Scotland with Blair for the G-8 Summit. I was glad to see French President Jacques Chirac right behind Blair as the PM gave his first reaction on television today. The British and French go at each other a lot as the latest flap concerning English food and London winning the Olympics demonstrate, but they are two countries I admire and I always hope they will put behind their differences and remember their common commitment to civilization and democracy -- even though their visions of a democratic society are different.

One reaction sickened me, though: Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said "I condemn the bomb attacks in London this morning. I have sent a message of sympathy and solidarity to Mr. Blair and the London mayor, Ken Livingstone. On behalf of Sinn Fein I offer my sincere condolences to the victims and the families of those killed and injured and to the people of London."

I imagine that will be a great comfort to people in England, especially as they remember the hundreds of people killed and injured in IRA terrorist attacks in England over the past three decades -- not to mention the even greater casualties in Northern Ireland. I'd call Adams a hypocritical maggot, but really that's unfair to maggots. I can't believe Bill Clinton and George W. Bush ever invited this bastard to the White House.