Wednesday, July 06, 2005

quoting: schwarzenegger and bush

In an interview with the British newspaper The Independent, California governor (it still seems strange to say that) Arnold Schwarzenegger said: "The debate is over. We know the science. We see the threat posed by changes in our climate. And we know the time for action is now."

Arnold clearly doesn't buy the Bush Administration's mantra about on the lack of a scientific consensus for climate change. Guess he can rule out Exxon's support for any campaign to change the Constitution to let naturalized Americans run for President.

But of course, Gov. Schwarzenegger is right, and deserves credit for saying so despite President Bush's calls for "more study" and VP Cheney's disparaging remarks about conservation being a question of personal virtue. It's a shame that states like California or cities like Portland, Oregon, have to take action to cut carbon emissions because of Federal paralysis.

Meanwhile, the President isn't enjoying the nasty barbs being named at Alberto Gonzales by his right-wing buddies. He told USA Today: "Al Gonzales is a great friend of mine. I'm the kind of person, when a friend gets attacked, I don't like it." As I've said before, publicly attacking Gonzales is precisely the wrong tactic for the social conservatives to use if they want Bush to appoint one of their favorites. Bush doesn't like being told what not to do...