Sunday, July 10, 2005

the paris hilton relief bill

The Senate is getting ready to vote on the repeal of the estate tax, called the "death tax" by its Republican opponents. The facts: despite all the bullshit rhetoric, it only affects 1% of Americans, and in a study the Congressional Budget Office reveals that it might have caused precisely ZERO family farms to have to be sold to pay the tax since 2000.

As is the case with Bush's other economic policies, this repeal is another bold cash grab by the economic elites of this country; the $23 billion these richest 1% of the population will save will of course have to be made up by the other 99% of us. That is, me and you and your brother and the guy your sister works with. Quite simply, this is naked class warfare. Right now the rich hold all the cards, and they aren't shy about using their power.

Republicans talk about "fairness" and about creating jobs when they slash taxes on the rich. Dunno about you, but I'm still waiting for that trickle down effect to reach me. Meanwhile, we can all sleep better knowing that Paris Hilton will have an even bigger inheritance when this bill is passed.