Friday, February 20, 2009

alberto gonzales syndrom strikes another republican

It is simply terrible, the disease that claims Republican after Republican, stealing their memories and leaving them unable to recall really important events. Alberto Gonzales Syndrome, named after the former Attorney General who simply couldn't remember ANYTHING, gosh, now has struck neocon foreign policy "thinker" Richard Perle.

Perle has it bad. At the Richard Nixon Center, Perle denied there was such a thing as a neoconservative, denied the neoconservatives had a foreign policy, denied that neocons wanted to invade Iraq, said he didn't read a 1996 report on a neocon approach to foreign policy that he was a signatory to. Before being led away by men in white suits, he denied having a mother and a father, denied having eaten breakfast, and said that his entire political philosophy was in fact based on Howdie Doodie.

Very sad. Let us lock him up and never allow him to embarrass himself again in public. It will be a kindness to poor Perle, the erstwhile Prince of Darkness.

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