Wednesday, February 18, 2009

morons in the news

Today we have a quad of stories about Morons. Let's look at them, shall we?

The Moron from the North

Sarah Palin. Sarah Barracuda seems to be having a hard time back in Alaska. She complained recently about people "always trying to put (her) on the spot" with tough questions. What a pity! What kind of meanie asked a hard question?

In this case, the President of the Alaska Senate, Gary Stevens. A Republican. Who served Palin a nice softball question asking her to share her plans and proposals for the legislative session.

Ooh, tough question! Just imagine if Sarah had to meet with a real meanie, like her neighbor Russian Tsar Vladimir Putin...

The Moron from the Mediterranean

Silvio Berlusconi, Roman Emperor I mean Prime Minister of Italy. Old Silvio has had a nice run, arranging Italian laws to his personal benefit and the benefit of his media empire. To call Berlusconi "corrupt" is an understatement, like saying Shaquille O'Neal is "tall". Quite.

Well, there is a trial underway in Italy and a British lawyer was convicted of accepting a fat bribe in exchange for lying under oath in a trial about Berlusconi. Oooops. Maybe there is something to those corruption allegations...

Hey, Berlusconi - for $600,000 I'd be glad to lie on your behalf.

The Moron from Illinois

Maybe this should be "morons" - both Senator Roland Burris and ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich. After several earlier versions, Burris has now admitted now to trying to raise money for Rod B while being considered for the Senatorial appointment to succeed Barack Obama.

Doing so with all the scandal swirling around the Illinois appointment brings Burris' intelligence to question - but as long as people like Oklahoma Republican Senator James Inhoffe are allowed a seat, I guess you can't kick Burris out for stupidity, or for over-eagerness and ego and desire for advancement, which is probably shared by 95% of the Senate. Be nice if he left the Senate, though...

The Moron from Third Base

And finally Alex Rodriguez. He's not a moron for taking steroids, if they are part of the reason he earns a bazillion dollars a year for his slugging. But he is a moron for assuming that WE are all morons by acting as if he didn't KNOW that he was taking steroids. Give us some credit, okay A-Rod? We didn't just fall of the pumpkin wagon.

Looks like further proof of Jose Canseco's allegations, which were so strenuously rejected a few years ago when his book came out. Jose may be a bit of a self-centered pretty boy but it's interesting how many of the names he named - including Alex Rodriguez - have been exposed as steroid takers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it funny when Canseco's book came out. So many people called "bullshit" and "he needs the money", etc... Well he did need money, but he's looking pretty good, in a petty sort of way.

7:58 AM  

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