Sunday, February 15, 2009

the real news

Sometimes, amid all the news about the stimulus package, our collapsing banks, the crap situations in Iraq and Afghanistan (thanks for nothing, Bush and Cheney), unfortunate plane crashes, and the like, we miss the real news.

The climate is changing. Global warming is real (although the scientifically illiterate George Will begs to differ. I wish he were right - but he isn't). And now it appears that it might be faster and worse than the scientists thought. Why? Concerns about tropical forests burning and releasing all of their carbon. And about permafrost (the "perma" is as in "permanent". Oops) melting and belching a bunch of methane into the atmosphere.

Stimulus package, fine. But how about a trillion dollar crash program on alternative energy, emission reduction, etc, starting right now? It can help (maybe) avert the worst. And if it doesn't, well our civilization won't be around to worry about paying it off anyway so no harm.



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