Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a little dab of intolerance for christmas

The big dude in the Catholic world, Pope Benedict XVI, gave his Christmas address. And in it he said that fighting against gay marriage and gay relationships was as important as preserving the environment.

So from the Pope to the world, a little taste of intolerance for Christmas. And stupidity too - the so-called "threat" from gay marriage pales in comparison to what unmitigated climate change could mean for human civilization. Maybe the Pope and indeed the entire Catholic leadership should spend less time hyperventilating about gay sex (not to mention covering up for its own pedophiles) and pray for some sort of solution to climate change.

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Blogger meshealle said...

But global warming doesn't exist. I mean, it's snowing in New York. Duh.

One of the conservatives on the radio this morning was going on and on about how global warming isn't really happening and teaching children to be environmentally conscious is brain-washing because there's really nothing wrong. Awesome, eh?

9:34 AM  

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