Sunday, December 21, 2008

buzzwords 2008

The end of the year is always interesting as people compile various lists. Here Mark Leibovich and Grant Barrett have gathered the buzzwords of 2008.

Some of my favorites:

Caribou Barbie, aka Sarah Palin

Gas-sipper, the opposite of a gas-guzzler

Photobombing - "intentionally inserting oneself as an unwelcome subject in the background of someone else’s photograph." Hadn't heard that one before, but boy have I seen it in action.

DWT - driving while texting. Should be followed by a suspended license and $5000 fine. How to put this simply? "That's fucking dangerous, morons."

Naked shortselling - some financial thing but it sounds vaguely seedy

And one I don't like, "stag-deflation". It's defined as a "growing economy in which prices fall.". Well that's not what we've got - remember, recession since last December? This word is too trendy; the truly scary word is plan old "deflation."

And one that didn't qualify:

Vote suppression - the standard GOP strategy, which was unsuccessful this year.


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