Saturday, December 20, 2008

a trio of unrelated scandals

Three scandals, at different stages.

First, the end stage of a scandal. Former White House official David Safavian was convicted of obstructing justice and lying to investigators. This in connection with his good friend and former Mr. Young Republican, Jack Abramoff. Before being indicted, Safavian was in a good position to be cultivated - administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy...

Now, a scandal in its full glory. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has vowed to fight them on the beaches, to fight them on the streets, to fight them in the hills, to never surrender. Sorry, briefly possessed by the spirit of Churchill. Governor Rod is proclaiming his defiance. Now, plenty of public figures say they will fight right before they give up. But you know, in this instance it's possible Blagojevich has a point. Look, he's crass, blunt, profane, and quite possibly stupid. But the idea of trading favors (guarantees of a nice job, assistance in raising campaign funds, etc) for a plum political is hardly new. I'm not sure it was a crime. We'll see what the feds have on him.

And a scandal that isn't quite a scandal, a scandal manqué. Remember Bristol Palin, the teenage-unwed-mother daughter of Sarah Palin? Well, her beau's mom Sherry Johnston has been arrested on drug charges. I learned during the candidacy of Winkin' Sarah that Wasilla is the meth capital of Alaska - but apparently Johnston was abusing Rush Limbaugh's favorite drug, Oxycontin so shouldn't she get the same sweetheart slap on the wrist old fat liar Rush got? I feel bad for her - if her son hadn't knocked up the daughter of the almost vice president of the United States, we wouldn't have heard of Johnston and this wouldn't be mentioned on page 7 of the Washington Post. Naturally, Mudflats has all the gory details.

But just think - we were THIS CLOSE (holds fingers really close together) to having a drug abuser present at a presidential inauguration. Gosh, that hasn't happened since de facto President George W. Bush was sworn in in January of 2004.

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