Monday, November 03, 2008

an ugly hail mary

On Sunday it's third and 15 for John McCain, on his own 30 and needing a touchdown to win. So it's natural they go for the hail Mary pass, the long one into the endzone.

It's just unfortunate the Pennsylvania Republicans decided to play the intentional face-masking equivalent, a TV ad featuring the god-damn Reverend Jeremiah Wright on Sunday Night Football. I'm a bit surprised. This was allegedly the one place John McCain didn't want to go, and the ad buy is allegedly unauthorized. Right. But still, if you're gonna use this, why wait so late?

Still it might help. Pennsylvania doesn't have early voting so nobody has cast their ballot yet, so undecided or weakly pro-Obama voters have time to change their mind. And some right-wing PAC is going to run it nationally on Monday.

This Washington Post article talks about both campaigns staying negative till the very end. It talks about the Wright ad, and one featuring a recording of Hillary Clinton dissing Barack Obama, from the primaries. That Clinton one doesn't bother me - using primary opponents' words against the party nominee is an old and relatively honorable tactic. But the article mentions Obama citing the similarities between McCain policies and those of de facto presidents George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and aired Dick Cheney's stupid on-tape endorsement of McCain. So that's not negative - that's factual. Hell, some candidates embrace the previous administration of the same party and actively want their endorsement (I wish Gore had done that more in 2000). So that's a lame basis for the Post to conclude that the McCain and Obama campaigns were both negative.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was watching the game when this ad came on. I lean Democrat, he hardcore Republican. He said, "I wonder how long it would take for them to stoop to that shit."

He's voting McCain, but admits the smearing has been atrocious.

4:06 PM  

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