Saturday, November 01, 2008

and the smears roll on

The latest is good. Associated Press picks up from Murdoch's Times of London a story about some aunt of Barack Obama's name of Zeituni Onyango apparnelty living illegally in Boston. Ooh, black Africans in America illegally! Call out the National Guard! No, call out DHS because she is probably the head of the Al Qaeda Boston cell! And the $260 that she donated to Obama PROVES Al Qaeda wants Obama to win! It's all so clear now! (Sorry, temporarily inhaled some Kool Aid powder, temporarily impaired my ability to think clearly. I don't know what sort of legs to expect. I hope it primarily appeals to those who loathe Obama anyway and were already in the McCain camp.)

Over at TPM Zachary Roth draws the lines for us. The Murdoch story links in to Drudge and Fox News and the rest of the US-based right-wing noise machine. And you know, it might be surprising to learn that the source for this last-hour leak is, gasp, somebody in the de facto Bush Administration! Who'd have thunk that the Bushies would stoop so low? (Speaking of Bushies, does Dick Cheney want John McCain to lose? Why else would Mr Radioactive 9% Popularity publicly embrace McCain at this time in the campaign?)

Josh Marshall editorializes about how low down and dirty in a particularly racist way the McCain campaign has been. He hopes an Obama victory is a repudiation of this. I hope so to.

But remember the only reason the GOP has been so overtly racist in this campaign is because the Democrats happened to nominate a black guy; that was the target so they took aim and began blasting away. If it had been Hillary, the sexism would've been out full force, not to mention each and every single Clinton-era smear, each and every bimbo ("Do you want Bill Clinton fucking black prostitutes in the White House AGAIN?" would have been one of their subtle lines), a new and expanded list of the dozens of people the Clintons have (allegedly) had assassinated over the years, Hillarycare (socialism! minus the racial element), the whole nine yards. If the Democrats had nominated Jesus Christ Himself, the Republicans would have charged socialism, immigration, and being soft on crime. Oh, and as a Palestinian, they would have probably come up with multiple connections between Christ and Hamas and Yasser Arafat...

(Meanwhile, I thank the Democrats' lucky stars that MY preferred candidate as of one year ago, white male populist and unfortunately cheater-on-his-cancer-struck-wife John Edwards, did not get the nomination...)

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