Saturday, November 01, 2008

the civil war, 2008

A parallel between the end of the 2008 Presidential campaign and the US Civil War, led (albeit on opposite sides) by a tall, odd-looking, previously not well known gentleman from Illinois called Abraham Barack Lincoln Obama, and a well-known former military guy turned cranky hothead called John Jefferson Davis McCain.

The fighting in the East has been focused largely in two states: Virginia, where Barack Obama has taken his campaign into enemy territory. Despite significant home field advantages (a state that hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Keith Richards was young and the baseball A's still played in Kansas City), the Obama team has forced John McCain on the defensive with its intense forays into the state. If Obama wins in Virginia, McCain is in trouble. To put it mildly.

And then McCain has to hope his one major raid into enemy territory held by John Kerry in 2004 succeeds. McCain would have to win Pennsylvania. So he's been sending in an invasion force of out of state volunteers to see whether his side can pull out a surprise victory in (Gettysburg) Pennsylvania that would force England and France to recognize the Confederacy, I mean would (assuming he can hold most of the other states that de facto President George W. Bush, even more incompetent than Franklin Pierce or James Buchanan, won in 2004) let McCain eke out an electoral college victory.

And you thought I was going to say something nasty about McCain and race-baiting, didn't you? Well, he and Sarah Palin and the rest of the GOP campaign have been pretty egregious in their resort to nasty name calling, implications that we don't know "who Barack Obama is". Assertions that he is "disrespectful," which David Gergin, a Southerner, said was a well understood code word for being "uppity" - I'm sure Jefferson Davis would have understood that well. Repeatedly alleging thru surrogates Obama is a Muslim (and what's wrong with that anyway, asks Colin Powell correctly?) and all the rest of it. Oh, and he's a Socialist. And he isn't a plumber. And he probably lusts after white women in his heart. And he eats babies, alive.

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