Thursday, November 06, 2008

responding to joel in green lake

Joel in Green Lake has kindly commented on my post about the decency, or lack thereof, in George W. Bush. Now, Joel's blogger profile includes no way to contact him, so I'll do so here, in the same tone of high-minded debate Joel shows, just in case (unlikely as it is) Joel decides to visit this website again.

Don Q Blogger...what an 'armchair general' you sound like. Since this brought you off your 'post-election buzz', I can only conclude you are likely a product of the 60's or the off-spring of same. If that's all you can come up with to say about GWB's decency, I know you're just another 'Bush-hater' with no real argument to make nor any solutions for issues facing our country. Just another big mouthed wannabe.

Well I'm not a product of the '60s. Sorry, Joel! And really, neither are my parents. They were too square, really. Besides my dad was busy with his thirty-year career in the military and serving his country in Vietnam.

I could say more, much more, about de facto President George W. Bush's decency. But honestly, I think that condoning and even encouraging torture is enough to stain anybody's reputation for decency. Not to mention the other things Bush and his administration have done such as politicizing the Department of Justice to support partisan ends, weakening our constitutional rights and liberties, and taking our country into war by lying to us, and not even ensuring that our soldiers had adequate body armor and other equipment.

And by the way, a promise: If Barack Obama endorses torture, I will immediately shred him in this forum as I have Bush and his administration. Torture is wrong, whether implemented by a Republican or a Democratic president. And it doesn't work. And it dehumanizes us. And it creates enemies.

For my part, I'm not happy with some of what GWB has presided over but I'd happily and gratefully shake his hand any day, if I ever got the chance. I know, I sound like a 'sore loser'. Trouble is, I think in reality we are all losers now.

I'm guessing Joel thinks we are all losers because of the victory of Obama. I have high hopes for Obama, but I don't know how he will be. I do know, however, that we can't take four more years of Bush-like "leadership". The first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging. I think the American electorate has done that.

Your problem (probably the way you were raised, poor victim) is that I highly doubt you have any concept of what 'decency' is. You've lived in a society benefitting from the decency 'capital' contributed by others. Perhas you will some day long for that decency, as our country continues it's spiraling descent into chaos. Good luck, dumbass.

Now Joel, surely name-calling isn't a mark of decency, is it? Neither is questioning how I was raised, right? Joel probably thinks I'm some welfare queen living in some big city somewhere, enjoying the redistributed fruits of Joel's labor while doing drugs and watching ESPN. Oh Joel, you are quite wrong. And in any case, I think poor Joel is getting his concepts confused. I happen to be a big fan of capitalism. It ain't perfect, but it has a lot going for it. But capital isn't "decent." It's just money.

As for our country spiraling into chaos, I think the election of Obama is a step to counter that spiral.

Thanks for stopping by Joel! :)



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