Wednesday, November 05, 2008

there is no decency in george w. bush

I'm sorry Michael Gerson but you just brought me off of my post-election buzz. You cannot write about the decency of de facto President George W. Bush without explaining to me how a "decent" man can authorize the use of torture in the name of the people of the United States of America.

Soviets torture. Nazis torture.

Americans should not torture. We are better than that.*

George W. Bush has to answer for that, at a bare minimum.

*Never mind the proven ineffectiveness of torture. Even the hard-ass Israeli security forces have come to that realization.

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Blogger Joel in Green Lake said...

Don Q Blogger...what an 'armchair general' you sound like. Since this brought you off your 'post-election buzz', I can only conclude you are likely a product of the 60's or the off-spring of same. If that's all you can come up with to say about GWB's decency, I know you're just another 'Bush-hater' with no real argument to make nor any solutions for issues facing our country. Just another big mouthed wannabe.

For my part, I'm not happy with some of what GWB has presided over but I'd happily and gratefully shake his hand any day, if I ever got the chance. I know, I sound like a 'sore loser'. Trouble is, I think in reality we are all losers now.

Your problem (probably the way you were raised, poor victim) is that I highly doubt you have any concept of what 'decency' is. You've lived in a society benefitting from the decency 'capital' contributed by others. Perhas you will some day long for that decency, as our country continues it's spiraling descent into chaos. Good luck, dumbass.

8:52 PM  
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