Thursday, November 06, 2008

and now it begins

Well, the easy stuff is over for Barack Obama. Time to announce a transition team (already done!), make decisions for Cabinet and other government appointments, read intelligence briefings, and get ready for the Obama Administration's debut on January 20.

Al Kamen kicks around a few possible names - Tom Daschle for one, an early Obama supporter, has probably earned himself a Washington encore in the Cabinet.

It's too early to know what an Obama Adminstration will be like but I agree with Dan Balz - the way the Obama campaign was run should offer some cues to his Administratin. If Rahm Emanuel accepts, that's a clear cue that Obama won't be indulging in fuzzy-headed feelgoodism. Emanual is a ball buster, smart, disciplined, prone to snarling, with experience from the Clinton Administration. In other words, he'd be one hell of a chief of staff. Hope he comes on board.



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