Monday, October 27, 2008

another obamacon declares

Former South Dakota Republican Senator Larry Pressler has joined the long line of Republicans openly endorsing Barack Obama for President. Pressler not only cast his vote for Obama (already), he even put $500 into the Obama coffers.

Two things about this interested me. First, I didn't know that Pressler was the first Vietnam vet to enter the Senate, back in 1979. That of course represents a Vietnam vet voting against the uber-Vietnam vet, John McCain the Plumber I mean POW.

And I liked what Pressler said about today's Republican Party, complaining about its fiscal irresponsibility and foreign adventures.

Finally, what is striking is again, like Colin Powell and Ken Adelman and Arne Carleson and the other Republicans endorsing Obama, Pressler notes Obama's calm, collected personality - an increasingly explicit knock at mad-dog McCain - and specifically sees Obama as a better person to have in the Oval Office in these economically dangerous times.

Democrats, winning plaudits for fiscal responsibility and for being better suited to manage the economy. The times, they are a-changin'.



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