Tuesday, October 07, 2008

never mind the financial crisis, did you know that barack obama once murdered a priest in church?

I don't think the McCain campaign has resorted to that particular lie yet, but it's how they're running their campaign. Palin continues to parrot nasty lies about Obama associating with "domestic terrorists" (hey thanks for the "domestic" word there, McCain campaign - at least we know it ain't Bin Laden or the IRA or something). McCain drops hints and allegations about not knowing the "real" Barack Obama, as if that infamous New Yorker magazine cover from a few months ago were possibly true and Barack and Michelle will be fist-bumping and flag-burning in the Oval Office if we all are dumb enough to fall for Obama's dusky charms.

Meanwhile, markets are on the verge of collapse - not just in the US, land of the free and home of the Republican-deregulated financial system, but also in countries like Ireland and Germany and Britain and France where various huge banks and other financial things are creaking alarmingly and threatening to fall down around their depositors' ears.

And as Richard Cohen and Eugene Robinson both point out, the mainstream press is falling for McCain/Palin's antics. They are fixating on various character assassinations and Sarah Palin's cutesy flirtatious winks at the cameras (sending a thrilling shudder thru the groin of countless male media types) in a desparate attempt to keep The Topic Of The Day - the economy - away from the headlines, or at least not associated with the Presidential race. Because the McCain campaign can read the polls and realize that a very large majority of the American electorate agree with Obama's approaches to economic problems - and frankly other issues, too.

If we fall for this and elect McCain, we'll deserve what we get. Erratic leadership from an ill-tempered, self-centered, narcissistic fly-boy and his cutesy but intolerant hottie veep who will be one ageing geezer's heartbeat from the reins of power. Oh, and we'll get more nifty Supreme Court picks like Roberts and Scalia and Alito and Thomas, too.

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