Thursday, September 25, 2008

a strange day

McCain's unilateral suspension of his campaign and call for Obama to do the same is the equivalent of a terror alert (should be one any day now, I'd guess). I agree with those (including Republicans) who say Obama & McCain should stay away from the bailout negotiations - it's a big campaign photo-op, and it's not like McCain in particular has any relevant experience in finance. Unless you count his Keating Five experience, I mean. So what will he do, bring Phil Gramm along?

It really is a desperate stunt - "it's all about me, me, me!" says McCain, parachuting into Washington to help on something he understands no better than the reproductive habits of a Portuguese man-of-war. Don't we want a President who is a little bit more level-headed, and a President who is capable of focusing on more than one problem at a time?

Surely McCain's call to cancel Friday's debate - and to instead have it on Tuesday when Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are supposed to go at it - isn't influenced by Palin's lame interview with Katie Couric, where Palin had to say she'd get back to Katie because she couldn't think of anything McCain had ever done on financial issues?

In any case, I like how Harry Reid's spokesman read back a statement by McCain about how the candidates getting involved would NOT be helpful. McCain was against getting involved in the bailout negotiations before he was for it...

Obama should be careful in that White House meeting he got suckered into. The Dems are right to insist that Republicans vote for any bailout along with them, to avoid being tarred with a Bush-Pelosi plan.



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