Saturday, September 20, 2008

the real reason mccain links obama to raines

The Washington Post in its ongoing series assesses the McCain campaign claim that former Fannie Mae chief Franklin Raines is a key economic adviser to Barack Obama. The Post points out this is a lie - somebody on Obama's campaign called Raines once to ask something about mortgages and securities.

But the Post delicately avoided the REAL reason McCain linked the disgraced Raines (who deserves a big part of the blame for the Fannie Mae problems, to be sure) to Obama.

Because Franklin Raines is black.

Yep. And we all know of course that all black Americans know each other and hang with each other and collude with each other, right*? Just like all American Jews do, and all American Asian-Americans, right? Wait for the McCain advertisement that links Obama to OJ Simpson and marrying and murdering white women. And the McCain advertisement that links Obama to Michael Jackson and creepy pedophilia. And the McCain piece that will link Obama to Barry Bonds, and will claim that Obama advocates mandatory steroid use for American teens.

It's a straight-out racist dog-whistle advertisement. The one phone call provides the flimsiest excuse but the color of Raines' skin is all the McCain maggots needed to make this link to scare the same kind of white voter who still believes that Obama is a Muslim AND that he agrees with everything that his CHRISTIAN ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright says at the pulpit.

And of course, John McCain, that once-honorable man whose REAL economic advisers Phil Gramm and Carly Fiorina have been responsible in part for the current economic turmoil and have acted dubiously in charge of corporations, approved of the ad.

*Except Clarence Thomas.

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Blogger ludovic said...

just saw your post.

I was hoping you could check out the blog, add us to your blog roll, and run a blurb if you like what you see. is a non-partisan research project of the Center for Social Inclusion that examines the way that race figures implicitly in many political discussions. We're more interested in being a resource than an advocate, with this part of the project, so we're working on spreading the word about the site, what it includes, and how it can be used. Soon, once the technical glitches and legal questions are all resolved, the site will include a toolkit to help people use the site, spot the attacks, and do something about them.

The aim of this site is to document the full scope of symbolic racism in our political discourse by bringing collecting and preserving news and commentary on Dog Whistle Racism, elections, and policy.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Ludovic Blain
Special Projects Director
Center for Social Inclusion

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