Friday, June 27, 2008

a reminder of why the presidential election is so important

You know how conservatives always decry "activist" judges? Well they should be up in arms over the Supreme Court's decision on the Second Amendment. After all, it swept away over a century of precedent and established jurisprudence when Antonin Scalia decided that the Second Amendment's reference to the militia was merely decorative and didn't have any effect on the rest of the amendment.

Overturning the duly passed laws of local government - in this case, the District of Columbia - and imposing their own ideological view. THAT is the very definition of an activist court. And that's what we face - only it isn't an activist court like that of Earl Warren, expanding civil rights for Americans who had been discriminated against.

It is a right-wing authoritarian activist court, expanding the right of the Federal Government (as long as it is a REPUBLICAN Federal Government like the de facto Bush Administration) to do what it wishes, the Constitution be damned.

So keep that in mind when you vote. Several of the liberal and moderate members of the Court are older - much older - than John McCain. If Roberts and Alito and Scalia are your kind of judges, vote McCain. If you prefer something approaching sanity on the Court, vote Obama.



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