Thursday, July 31, 2008

buck up, alaskans

Alaskans are fretting about what will happen to their bottomless pork barrel if Ted Stevens long and dishonorable career comes to an end.

Boo hoo. I thought Alaskans were proud of being on the last frontier, of getting away from the soft, effeminate features of civilization and living a life of rugged independence. Instead, they go squealing to the Federal Government, through their two Senators and their Congressman Don Young (Young was the architect of the Bridge to Nowhere, not Stevens as I mistakenly wrote yesterday) to get those lazy soft taxpayers in places line New York City and Miami and Houston and Los Angeles and Topeka to pay for their perks. Alaskans get way more federal subsidies than the rest of us. Just in the past 4 years, they got something like $4800 per capita in earmarks alone, compared to $263 for us who were not "blessed" with Stevens' and Young's "leadership". And that doesn't even include the cash Alaskans get from the state government for oil.

So long Ted. Alaskans, buck up. I thought you were tough.



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