Friday, June 06, 2008

enjoy it now, joe

Joe Lieberman is "savoring life" as a post-partisan actor in the Senate.  He is enjoying his cake and eating it too - chairing the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee as a "Democrat" while simultaneously campaigning openly to elect Republican John McCain to the Presidency.

And the Democrats are just taking it least Joe finish his Benedict Arnold-like path to full-fledged membership in the Republican Party, giving Darth Dick Cheney and the GOP control of the Senate.

For a few months. 

I look forward to January 2009 when the Democrats have expanded their control of the Senate beyond 51-49 and they can give Joe the dues for his disloyalty.  I wouldn't just remove him as a committee chairman - I'd fire him.

NOT for his policy views, not even for being pro-war-in-Iraq.  But you cross the line when you actively oppose your party's nominee for President.


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