Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a new messiah?

Talk about pressure - the Scientologists, those whacky nuts who believe that a space overlord called Xenu killed a billion people on earth with nuclear bombs thousands of years ago and have spun this hackneyed science fiction plot into a lucrative moneymaker - are saying that a 13-year-old boy could be The Chosen One.  

Did they find some spiritually advanced youngster living in an adobe hut in rural Mexico, or a windswept Tibetan mountainside, or in the rugged hills of New Guinea?  No, that's not the Scientologist way.  This Chosen One is living in Hollywood, California.  His name is Conor Cruise.  "Cruise" as in "Tom Cruise."

Young Conor has everything the Scientologists could want.  He combines Tom Cruise's vast personal wealth - and a willingness to spend it on Scientology - with the added advantage of having been raised in this so-called church.  He's rich and ALREADY indoctrinated in all this absurd crap about thetans and aliens and audits.  And Daddy writes the checks! 

What's NOT to like?  So he becomes a perfect potential successor to L. Ron Hubbard, who only decided that Scientology, nee Dianetics, should be a religion because that would save him from paying taxes.

Although personally I must say I feel sorry for Conor Cruise.  Talk about a poor little rich kid.



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