Sunday, April 13, 2008

morons on the march

There is another torture case reaching the courts. In a twist, it doesn't involve the de facto Bush Administration.

Seems that a company called Prosper Incorporated - henceforth known as Moron #1 - was having a team-building exercise, and thought that in order to make a point about how its people needed to really, really try to sell their instructional videos, it would be a good idea to WATERBOARD SOMEBODY. (To quote Dave Barry, "I am not making this up.")

Then a salesman called Chad Hudgens (Moron #2) volunteered to be waterboarded. And so it happened, right outside their Provo office. Then supervisor Joshua Christopherson urged his staff to hit the phones and sell that crap self-coaching stuff to people.

It gets murky. Hudgens did say he volunteered for a team-building exercise but didn't know it would involve torture. The company says he knew what he was volunteering for. And now Hudgens is suing.

My verdict. Whoever at Prosper thought this was a good idea is definitely a moron.

If Hudgens KNEW he would be waterboarded, he is a moron. If he didn't know, then he's exonerated of that.

And in any case, although Hudgens doesn't know whether the government should use waterboarding, he said he would have told anybody anything to get it to stop.

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