Saturday, March 22, 2008

a republican tut-tuts at cheney

Former GOP Congressman Mickey Edwards says de facto Vice President Dick Cheney was out of line for saying "So?" in response to a journalist pointing out that 2/3 of Americans disapprove of the Iraq war.

Edwards says the VP should make the case for why the war is important, not dismiss public disapproval with a shrug.

"When the vice president dismisses public opposition to war with a simple "So?" he violates the single most important element in the American system of government: Here, the people rule."

"Here, the people rule." Wow, it's nice to hear a Republican actually say that. I doubt Edwards actually BELIEVES it though. I don't see him chastising Cheney for refusing to release records about his 2001 energy review - almost certainly done with far more input from Big Oil (and far more benefits to them) than "the people."

This shows how unpopular Iraq has become - Republicans are now willing to distance themselves from the Administration on this one topic. Too little, too late.



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