Saturday, December 01, 2007

no, republicans don't respect you

It's a fact - the GOP feels a deep disdain for anybody that isn't part of their base, that is the elite. They say whatever they think will please the rubes - you know, how they will get rid of abortion for example, to appeal to the right-wing Christian types, and over 25 years after the election of St Ronald of Reagan, it's still legal (for now).

A couple of examples from this week. One is an oldie but a goodie - how cutting taxes will RAISE tax revenue. Rudy Giuliani is the latest to come out with this bit of chicanery. Even Republican Administration economists admit that it simply is NOT true - maybe at best in the long run, you get back half of the lost revenues from the tax cut. But 10% is more typical - so if you cut taxes by say $10 billion dollars, you do in fact lose $9 billion in tax revenues. Giuliani is following a long and inglorious line of Republicans who parrot this line, either to willfully deceive voters into believing they can have a free lunch, or because they are stupid. In Giuliani's case, I vote for deception rather than stupidity.

And now Karl Rove is trying to tell us that it was the CONGRESS that insisted on holding the vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq in the run up to the 2002 elections, not him. Now, I fully believe that Congressional Republican leaders were anxious to use this as another club against such weak-kneed Democrats like Max Cleland (oh wait, Cleland didn't have any knees, having had both his legs blown off while in Vietnam). But what Rove tells Charlie Rose just isn't credible. Rove says the White House wanted to wait "Because we didn't think it belonged within the confines of the election. There was an election coming up within a matter of weeks. We thought it made it too political. We wanted it outside the confines of it. It seemed to make things move too fast. There were things that needed to be done to bring along allies and potential allies abroad."

Do you honestly believe that? Rove has never shied away from using ANYTHING to his short-term electoral advantage. But he thinks we are stupid enough to believe his crap, too. Lying - it's an ingrained habit for Republicans. And they lie repeatedly to your face because they don't respect you.



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