Friday, November 30, 2007

no, this is not a joke

Some news items really just make me go "what the fuck?" No, not ones like another illegal grab for power by the de facto Bush Administration, or about MegaLo Corporation laying off 10,000 people - I don't LIKE those stories, but I understand the radical venality of the Republicans, and the short-sighted drive to raise the stock price by 2 cents for the average American corporation.

No, stories like this are WTF stories - a beauty pageant in the rebellious region of southern Sudan.

It features much of what other beauty pageants feature - attractive women strutting their stuff, contestants wishing for world peace (of particular concern in Juba, which suffered thru a long civil war). And people saying how the beauty pageant is somehow an uplifting event.

Well, it isn't. It's a meat market. Women strip down and show off their tits and ass in various costumes, walking around in absurd hooker-brand high heels to arch their back and thrust their ass out just that little bit more, while drooling men ogle them and the organizers pretend it's about scholarships and presenting a good role model for the children.

They are gross. Hey, I like leering at I mean seeing attractive women as much as 95% of my fellow males (the other 5% or so prefer Mr. America). But these mass cattle calls really leave me cold, and perpetuate a stereotype of womanhood being embodied by a certain look - which in the United States at least involves helmet hair, teeth buffed to a shine with some sort of wax, and a commitment to baton twirling that goes well beyond the normal range.

I've always said they should just judge them by letting them perform certain acts upon the male judges - that would be more intellectually honest.



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