Monday, November 12, 2007

unexpected news of the day

While going through the headlines today a very very unusual event jumped out at me. No, not the fact that de facto President George Bush actually visited an Army rehabilitation facility for injured troops - admittedly an odd event, since usually Bush visits military bases as a way to get a safe audience to cheer him on.

Nope, the Cincinnati Bengals' victory over the Baltimore Ravens is what caught my eye. The Bengals won, 21-7. It was in Baltimore, so a road victory by the unimpressive Bengals is a bit of a surprise, but that's not what was weird to me. After all, 21-7 is a pretty normal football score.

But the Bengals didn't do it the easy way with three touchdowns. Nope, they got to 21 with SEVEN field goals! Shayne Graham (admit it, you hadn't heard of him either before) had a pretty good day at the office, and actually tied an NFL record for most field goals in a game, done three times before, last time in 1996.

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