Sunday, November 04, 2007

taking that hollywood thing a little too far

A senior adviser and moneyraiser for Fred Thompson by name of Philip Martin has an interesting past. Specifically, convictions for selling drugs in wholesale amounts back when he was in his twenties - marijuana and cocaine. Martin isn't just some contributor - he is one of four co-chairman for Thompson's presidential campaign.

Martin had some other legal problems before he (presumably) went legitimate, such as being charged with illegal bookmaking (he did a plea bargain to conspiracy). And he did jail time.

Fred Thompson presents himself as a law and order candidate. I know Hollywood has different standards, and personally I could not care less about selling drugs - that should be legal. Be interesting to see how this plays out though. If it had been one of Hillary Clinton's or John Edwards' or Barack Obama's people, we would never hear the end of it. But Republican lawbreakers and philanderers usually get nicer treatment from Faux and CNN and the rest.



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