Thursday, November 08, 2007

another surge coming up?

Even as the so-called surge continues in Iraq (and we hit another record high in fatalities among American service members this year), the early signs of another surge are already showing up - homeless veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Some of the people who help homeless veterans say that these veterans are appearing on the streets even quicker than the Vietnam generation did.

We've all seen the stories about inadequate armor for our people in Iraq. We know that although the medical ability to save lives of badly injured troops that would have died is literally a life-saver, it also means we will have more veterans with completely disabling injuries (physical and mental) to care for.

The Veterans Administration likely won't be able to afford to help such increased numbers of the injured, the mentally disturbed, and the down-on-their-luck veterans at current funding levels.

But the de facto Bush Administration doesn't give a damn. The least you can do when you send men and women oversees to serve in a warzone (even in an illegitimate war like Iraq) is to take care of the ones who don't come back in good shape.


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