Monday, November 19, 2007

get serious about huckabee

There has been a boomlet about the Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Huckabee was perhaps most famous for losing a LOT of weight and for trying to enact programs to help the citizens of Arkansas to also grow more svelte and healty.

But recently Huckabee's numbers in Iowa have been improving, helped no doubt by the departure of Senator Sam "Godboy" Brownback from the race. Huckabee is still a dark horse behind Romney, Giuliani and McCain, but no longer is he a complete no-hoper like that lunatic Tancredo.

Huckabee made an appearance on Fox News on Sunday and showed his true spots. Yes, Huckabee is a genial fellow. And full credit to him for his anti-fat campaign. But don't be fooled, Huckabee is a hard-core conservative.

He gave that evidence on Fox. Huckabee is proud of being anti-abortion. But he said, unlike some Republicans, that this is NOT a choice to be left to the states because there is only one right answer.

Huckabee said, "For those of us for whom this is a moral question, you can't simply have 50 different versions of what's right."

Presumably, Huckabee's logic would apply equally to anything else that he and his crowd deem a moral question. You know, things like whether your wife, girlfriend, or daughter should be able to use birth control. Or whether Christian prayer should be mandatory in publicly funded schools regardless of the religious views of students. Or whether any sexual practice they disagree with should be permitted.

It's also another example of the classic Republican penchant hypocrisy. They are the party for small-government and state rights, except when a national-level policy is to their advantage. They are the party that supports unfettered market competition, except when they find it politically expedient to give massive subsidies to friendly industries like big oil and big agriculture.

Huckabee also teamed up with Chuck Norris for a TV ad. All very amusing to see Huckabee and Norris riff off of those funny Chuck Norris jokes that circulated a couple of years back, but in this Norris said, "Mike Huckabee wants to put the IRS out of business."

That isn't a mainstream view. That is radical conservatism along the lines of what we have endured for the last eight years under de facto President George W. Bush. A modern society like that of the United States needs taxes to function, period. How does Huckabee propose to replace the IRS' function? Ask for donations?

This simply is not a candidate we can afford to consider, despite the affable facade. Remember the last allegedly pleasant compassionate conservative to seek the Republican nomination? We're still stuck with him and we'll be cleaning up after him for decades.


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