Saturday, November 03, 2007

gop still trying to steal 2008 election

Remember that Republican idea to apportion California's electoral college vote by congressional district, thus ensuring about 20 extra votes for a Republican presidential candidate? Well, California Republicans are still trying to get this idea on the ballot as a state initiative.

Two observations. One is that this is unconstitutional. The Constitution clearly says that state legislatures decide how to cast their votes in the Electoral College. The California assembly could adopt this idea if it so chose, but an initiative like this would not be constitutional.

And two, this isn't such a nifty idea that Republicans in states like Texas or Indiana want to do the same thing.

And before you get any ideas that maybe apportioning the electoral college vote nationally on a congressional district basis might be smart, think again. Currently, gerrymandering is bad enough because it skews Congressional representation and encourages extremes on the left and the right. Making the presidential vote also dependent gerrymandered districts would just compound the problem.



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