Thursday, June 21, 2007

update from the department of injustice

Another day, another report from the de facto Bush Administration's sleaze-befouled halls of the so-called Department of Justice.

Three career lawyers with good performance review were transferred out of the civil right division, over the objections of their supervisors, by acting assistant attorney general for civil rights Barry Schlozman. The three lawyers were all minority women -- Karen Stevens, Tovah Calderon and Teresa Kwong.

The reason for their transfer? According to other Justice lawyers, Conor Dugan said it was to "make room for some good Americans."

To make room for some good Americans. Hear that, women and minority Americans, those of you who might still feel some lingering reason to respect the modern Republican Party? You aren't "good Americans". Doubtless because women and minorities have a distressing tendency to vote Republican less often than white men.

But don't feel too isolated, Schlozman's distrust even extends into the GOP itself. Seems he once wondered whether a career lawyer at Justice could be trusted because he had voted for John McCain in 2000.

The investigation into the overt politicization of the career ranks at the Department of Justice continue. Remember, this isn't just about hiring and firing political appointees. This is about extending permanent rightist Republican influence into the working levels at Justice, firing qualified, well-performing civil servants along the way to make room for these Regent University and Bob Jones University graduates, to make sure the Bush Agenda for America -- support for the elites, for big business, for extremist Christians, and for a permanent Republican majority, at the expense of the rest of us -- would be carried out even after this sorry excuse for an Administration leaves office (I hope) in January 2009.

Just as the Great US Attorney Massacre wasn't about replacing a few political appointees, but rather was an explicit attempt to politicize the role of prosecutors by penalizing those who refused to support GOP plans to suppress minority and other Democratic-leaning voters, and refused to carry out dubious prosecutions against Democratic candidates right before elections.

The Bushies and their allies want to turn our country into a banana republic, where the charade of elections is conducted merely to provide a gloss of respectability to what they would have be a one-party regime beholden to the economic elites of the United States.



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