Monday, June 11, 2007

even saying something right he gets it wrong

De facto President George W. Bush was given a hero's reception by the good people of Albania. Are they all morons, you may ask? No they aren't. As in so many things, your point of view is important. For the Albanians, they don't look first at Iraq or Guantanamo or torture or the stolen election(s). They look at Bush's stance on Kosovo, the Albanian province in Serbia that has been essentially independent for years now.

Bush supports independence for Kosovo from Serbia. And that on balance makes sense. But Bush managed to mangle the message in Albania. Answering a reporter, he said "In terms of the deadline, there needs to be one. This needs to come -- this needs to happen." When another reporter asked about the deadline, our intrepid leader said "I don't think I called for a deadline." Somebody said Oh Yes You Did, and Bush said "I did? What exactly did I say? I said, 'Deadline'? Okay, yes, then I meant what I said."

Such an inspiring figure, eloquence matched only by Mushmouth off of "Fat Albert."


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