Friday, June 08, 2007

three comments on the key legal issue of the moment

By "key legal issue" I do of course refer to the re-incarceration of one Paris Hilton. Perhaps you've heard of her.

Comment the first: The headline from the AP was "Screaming Paris Hilton Sent Back to Jail." Screaming Paris Hilton would be an excellent name for a rock band. Maybe a thrash metal outfit. Could even be a revival of hair metal, since the band members could all go for long blond hair a la Ms Hilton. All the better for head banging.

Comment the second: What was that sheriff thinking when he released her for some ill-defined medical reason in an apparently (physically) health 26-year-old woman? Because surely failure to cope well with imprisonment isn't a good enough reason if you are just some shmoe doing time (even for a short time like Paris) who also doesn't cope well with being kept behind bars. Maybe the sheriff was bedazzled by the glamor of the situation. Or maybe he thought a much better paid job doing security for the Hilton hotel chain could be obtained thru an act of clemency towards young Ms Hilton.

Comment the third: So remember, all you rich boys and girls - don't drink and drive, and don't drive without a license. Even your good looks and riches and celebrity won't guarantee you impunity. And I'd suggest to Ms Hilton that she consider hiring a chauffeur when she's sprung from the joint.

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