Saturday, June 02, 2007

again with the family

So Bush's aid Dan Bartlett is leaving his White House job, to "spend more time with the family." A couple of observations.

1. Want to bet that after he is done assessing the job offers that are already rolling in, he won't refuse a job offering big, big bucks just because it will involve long hours and frequent travel? Of course not.

2. When somebody, somewhat unexpectedly, quits for the family reason, it's worth paying attention for a few weeks to see if there is some precipitating event (see Randy Tobias for an example).

But this is certainly a good time in this de facto Administration to leave. Under 19 months left, unless there is a coup d'etat or declaration of a state of emergency and a suspension of 2008 elections. Get out now and get a job before the taint of working in the Bush White House grows even more odious.


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