Sunday, June 03, 2007

kagan's column of crap

Surge-meister Robert Kagan has another column in the Post today about Iraq. It is full of crap. Kagan says there is a move to "blame the Iraqis" for the impending defeat. That part may be true. And it isn't fair to "blame the Iraqis" for how badly the Republican War in Iraq has gone. Heck, CIA analysts in 2002 warned about some of the bad things that might come out of an invasion. Too bad it wasn't heeded.

Back to Kagan. He doesn't want to blame the Iraqis. He wants to blame (or rather, credit) Al-Qaeda, which he says is behind the problems there, adding that a withdrawal would be a victory for them.

Yes, AQ in Iraq would boast if we withdrew. But they are NOT the main reason behind the civil war (which Kagan refuses to admit exists) in Iraq. The main reason is that the Iraqis don't want us there. And, while the Sunnis (mostly) blow up our troops, the Sunnis and Shiites (and Kurds) are positioning themselves for the post-occupation Iraq.

It isn't Al Qaeda. Foreign fighters in Iraq play a minimal role there. Kagan's BS helps perpetrate the lies (indirectly) about Al Qaeda ties to Iraq and hence Iraqi ties to 9/11. Which were, remember, completely and utterly non-existent.