Sunday, June 24, 2007

the madness of king dick, climate change chapter

I was musing - if Dick Cheney, as de facto vice president, isn't under the head of government as part of the executive branch and isn't part of the legislative branch, what is he? Clearly not a judge. So all I can conclude is that he is some sort of king with renewable four-year terms. (Heck, this king wasn't even elected - selected in 2000 by the Supreme Court, and 2004's vote is dubious at best.) I bet Dan Quayle and Hubert Humphrey and Spiro Agnew and Walter Mondale and the others that preceded Cheney wish they had realized that they were in fact King of America.

And a mad king Dick is. The lunacy of his Iraq ideas (remember, Cheney wanted to attack Iraq before 9/11, which Iraq was NOT involved with anyway) and his push to attack Iran which would be truly foolhardy and self-defeating are pretty well known and acknowledged now, outside of the realm of Fox News and Limbaughland.

And Rolling Stone now reports on Cheney's role within the de facto Bush Administration's "secret" campaign to deny climate change. Now, I must say that most of what was in this report was familiar to me. And I don't think the Administration has made much of a secret of its climate change skepticism, fueled by the wooing of the best friends-with-benefits of the Bush-Cheney administration, the voluptuous good-time-girl twins we know as Big Oil and Big Coal.

But the Rolling Stone report does a good job of describing Cheney's role in this policy (is there a policy Cheney has been involved in that hasn't gone badly?). He grabbed climate change and energy policy from a clueless W. ("what's the CEQ?") when they took office, staffed it out with a bunch of energy industry lobbyists, relied on industry-funded "scientific" reports to play up the absurd idea that the key facts and main conclusions about human-induced climate change were in any way in doubt. And they have delayed by a full eight-plus years any meaningful action by the world's largest (recently surpassed by China) emitter of greenhouse gases, also delaying meaningful international action.

Not "madness" if you are ExxonMobil looking at profits for 2012 and 2017. But madness if you give a rat's ass about the state of this planet. Every living thing on this globe, with the possible exception of the odd thermophilic creatures that live in boiling seawater near submarine volcanic vents, will be effected by climate change. If left unchecked, it will do all sorts of terrible things, perhaps most seriously undermining the basis of the current agricultural system that feeds the planet. It is utter madness to be so cavalier on this issue -- and according to former Bush environmental chief Christine Todd Whitman and others, this administration's madness on climate change is squarely attributable to mad King Dick.

As for ExxonMobil and other professional deniers of climate change, I have one question. Don't any of them have children and grandchildren?

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