Saturday, June 30, 2007

if you voted for bush, you voted for this

Three items in today's news, apparently unrelated except for this one fact: if you voted for Bush for President, understand that you voted for this.

In the wake of this week's judicial activism by the Supreme Court, educators expect that schools will grow more segregated. If you voted for Bush, you voted for this (and heck, you may even like it).

Los Angeles is having the driest year in over 100 years. The entire Southwest is expected to get drier and drier as climate change takes a hold. You may not quite realize it, but if you voted for Bush, you voted for this, since Bush has pushed any meaningful US (and therefore, global) attempt to mitigate climate change back by 8 years, 8 years that we may wish we could have back.

And finally, a federal judge made a ruling that a group of Mississippi voters had been discriminated against on the basis of race. The victims? White Mississippians. Now, I won't say that black electoral officials are not incapable of suppressing votes. But it is quite curious how the Bush Justice Department seems to find these cases of black and Democratic officials "suppressing" white (presumably Republican) voters, while ignoring and moreover, condoning and actively promoting the suppression of minority (and hence presumably Democratic) voters all over the country. If you voted for Bush, you voted for this.

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